New Ambulances Offer Improved Safety Features

January 18, 2019
Ambulance interior
NHRMC EMS will be introducing two new ambulances beginning February 1 with multiple new safety features, replacing two current ambulances in the fleet.
In a continuing effort to keep our patients and staff safe, NHRMC EMS participated in an A3 Lean process. The result was an ambulance designed by peer representatives from each of the EMS shifts.
Some of the new features:
  1. Stretcher release is spring-loaded allowing a pinch-free release. This meets dynamic crash test standards.
  2. A closed-circuit camera is mounted in the rear of the truck to ensure safety.
  3. Each seat rotates, slides on a track, and reclines. The paramedic can remain seated and strapped in during patient care. Seats also have a harness seat belt, improving overall safety.
  4. Cardiac Monitors are now mounted to a shelf. There are also several outlets available for charging.
  5. Carbon monoxide detectors have been installed on each EMS unit.
  6. Our new fleet has a liquid suspension system which allows for automatic adjustments, providing a smooth and comfortable transport.

Why the Change?

Commission on Accreditation Ambulance Services (CAAS) sets the safety standards to help improve the overall safety of the ambulance. These ambulances are designed to provide a safe work environment for our staff. Utilizing new stretcher mounts, cameras, liquid springs, equipment storage, and many other features, we now provide for an even safer transport for patients.
Three additional ambulances are currently being upfitted with a target date of spring 2019 for completion. NHRMC EMS plans to replace all current ambulances over the next few years with the new upgraded ambulance models.  
If you would like to tour one of our new ambulances, please call Aaron Kasulis at 343-4809.