Mobile Device Acquisition Form Moving to ServiceNow

January 11, 2019
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Information Services is pleased to announce that we have updated the Corporate Mobile Device Acquisition Form and will be moving the updated form from Capslive to the ServiceNow Customer Portal effective Monday, January 14.

The updated form includes enhancements recommended by our customers during A3 sessions held in 2018. Summary of the enhancements that have taken place:

  • Before form can be filled out, user is required to review the NHRMC Corporate Mobile Device Acquisition and NHRMC Corporate Mobile Device Acceptable Use and Security policies
  • ServiceNow will automatically EMAIL the manager for who the device is requested for asking for approval. Once approved by the manager, it will generate a ticket for the Mobile Support team to place the order.
  • There is now a list of devices available with their associated cost which includes a section for cost of the device if it is being replaced or upgraded prior to the two-year eligibility requirement. This cost(s) will also be populated on the ServiceNow request for the requesters manager to view when considering approval.
  • A section has been added for ordering accessories along with their associated costs. This form can be used for ordering accessories only if needed.
  • For new orders, the form will automatically route to the appropriate resource in Information Services if the requester is electing to use the device for personal use and/or will be moving their personal phone number to the device.
  • An option indicating if the order is being placed for a physician.
  • A Comments section that will allow the requester to include any pertinent information related to the order.

It should be noted that with the changes to the form, Information Services has been required to update the Corporate Mobile Device Acquisition policy. A link will be included on the new form but you can also review the updated policy in PolicyStat on 1/14/19 when the new form is placed in ServiceNow Customer Portal.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Richard Cheshire, Director, Information Services at 910-667-7407 or email [email protected].