NHRMC Opening Final Section of ICU after Complete Renovation

January 25, 2019
ICU lobby 600w

On January 28 and 29, NHRMC will move patients into ICU 4, the final area to open after the 19-month Intensive Care Unit renovation.

“We owe a huge thank you to Project Manager Ken Williamson and the Construction Services team,” said Neta Greenlief, ICU Manager. “The team from Rodgers Builders was accessible and flexible and great to work with.”

The changes in the ICU have made an impression on visitors whose loved ones are in our care.

“Our environment now reflects the great care our staff has always provided,” Greenlief said. “The ICU now looks like a state-of-the-art care unit, so we don’t have to work as hard to earn the trust of family members who are visiting loved ones.”

Greenlief also thanked the ICU staff members, who endured several moves as each portion of the ICU was shut down for a period.

“Our medical ICU team moved three times, and the coronary care team hasn’t been in their ‘home’ space in 19 months,” she said. “All those who have been displaced during the renovation have demonstrated great poise and grace.”

Greenlief also thanked the NHRMC administration and Board of Trustees for allotting the resources to provide the upgrades for our patients. 

What You Need to Know

On Monday at 7:30 a.m., the NHRMC Spiritual Care Team will bless the unit. Staff are invited to attend the brief ceremony.

As of Monday, the terms “STPAC” and “MICU” will no longer be used in Epic and all ICU patients will use bed numbers 1-54 in ICU 1, ICU 2, ICU 3 and ICU 4. All patients will be moved to their new locations by Tuesday evening.

The plain language numbering system will help visitors more easily locate the right area.

Updated ICU Details 800p

Final Phase

The visitor’s waiting area across from the Cath Lab will soon be closed for renovations.

More work will be done in phases to ICU 1 to repair windows and walls.

ICU Pauletta Barnes loading supplies


(Top) Patient Care Technicians Pauletta Barnes and Gabie Walters and Health Unit Clerk Lillie Carter show off the new Intensive Care Unit at NHRMC.

(Bottom) Patient Care Technician Pauletta Barnes stocks supplies in the new ICU.