Retirement Tea for Katrina Brunson set for December 14

December 11, 2018
Katrina Brunson

After 42 years Katrina Brunson is ready to retire! Please join us from 2-4 p.m. on Friday, December 14 in James Walker to give her a big send-off!

Katrina has worked in many roles during time here at NHRMC. Starting in 1975 Katrina worked as a unit clerk in Urology. After leaving the organization for a short spell, Katrina came back as a unit clerk on Pediatrics for 16 years. Katrina speaks fondly of her time with the ‘babies’ and the joy she felt working with those families.

Next up came a role doing time and attendance and ordering non-medical stock for the units – this job had Katrina working with the administrators for about 7 different departments and she hung in with this job for about 5 years!

When her role was eliminated, Katrina was so well loved, she moved to distribution where they ‘made a job for her’ and she continued her work ordering non-medical stock – from there she transitioned to assistant buyer for non-medical supplies as she worked for distribution. This role lasted about 5 years as well.

Katrina finally landed in Radiology where she is much loved. She has worked in various roles during her many years in Radiology – down in the ‘dungeon’ by MRI screening and scheduling MRI patients; her time in ‘Building E’ shuffling dozens of faxed paper orders every day, and finally to her current home at the Business Annex – an automated phone center where Katrina schedules dozens of patients a day.

Katrina is much loved by her patients and co-workers alike. Her manager remarks that ‘she has never seen an employee receive so much recognition from patients for her friendliness and compassion’ and Katrina has all of her interaction OVER THE PHONE! The number of spotlights she receives from patient recognition is unmatched.

Known for her ‘glamour’ and stylish outfits – Katrina will be greatly missed by everyone. Everyone in Radiology wishes her enjoyment in her newest life journey.