Christina Dozier Named NHRMC Employee of Excellence for December

December 05, 2018
December EOE Dozier

Hurricane Florence unveiled the grit and character of our NHRMC employees. We could never have fared so well without the dedication of so many, who willingly stripped off their titles and did everything that was asked of them, and then did some more.

Christina Dozier, the NHRMC Employee of Excellence for December, is a shining example of the caliber of employees we have at NHRMC.

Patients in Need

When the storm had passed, but floodwaters were rising, NHRMC needed to move stable patients out of the main patient tower to make room for arriving patients with immediate medical needs.

Unfortunately, many of the stable patients couldn’t be returned to skilled nursing facilities or to their own homes. Many didn’t have power or family members available to help them when needed. So NHRMC wanted to keep these patients in our care until they could be safely discharged. The solution was to open a medical respite shelter at Codington Elementary School.

A school, however, is not a hospital.

So NHRMC had a lot of work to do to properly care for these patients.

And this is where Christina, a clinical documentation specialist, proved her value far beyond her everyday job skills (which are exceptional, by the way).

Opening a Medical Shelter

On the day the shelter opened, Christina helped secure supplies and served as a much-needed liaison between the shelter & NHRMC. She set up cots, and as soon as the patients arrived, she began learning their life stories and figuring out that, as a former Case Manager, she would need to assume that role again. When you build a shelter in a day, everyone’s roles aren’t immediately defined and every task isn’t accounted for, so you need experienced, dedicated care workers like Christina to recognize this and make things happen. She got patients to dialysis, helped serve meals and did whatever else was asked of her, but she also took the initiative to complete tasks that were not her responsibility.

When patients at the shelter were ready to be discharged on the second day, Christina ensured the patient’s home was safe, there was power, and there was a safe route and transportation. This included rides home from non-traditional sources, such as our own Company Police. She made appointments & arranged transportation for every one of our dialysis patients for the following day, which our medical staff considered nothing short of a miracle.

On Day 3, appointments went without a hitch. Christina kept our census at a manageable 30 to 40 patients. Remember, these patients were dealing with medical issues that were exacerbated by the stress of a devastating weather event. And Christina was there to hold their hands and provide the reassurance they desperately needed. The personal concern and compassion she showed for these patients was touching.

Everyone involved with the Codington shelter deserves some sort of commendation, but the leaders of the shelter recognize Christina as the crystallization of all our efforts.

For her efforts following Hurricane Florence and for her dedication to her clinical documentation team and to our community … the NHRMC Employee of Excellence for December is Christina Dozier.

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