Corey Yingling Honored as November Employee of Excellence

November 02, 2018
Corey Yingling eoe Corey Yingling, Lean Project Lead, has been named the NHRMC November Employee of Excellence for her work in administering Lean principles across the system and for helping to fulfill NHRMC’s mission through her involvement with NourishNC and MarKids. 
When NHRMC formed strategic teams, Corey was chosen as the coach for at least nine of them and sat in on several more, a testimony to how her co-workers respect her and seek her opinions.
She approaches her responsibilities as a LEAN facilitator with intensity and purpose, and does it with a smile. In a room where one of the mottos is “truth over harmony,” this is no small feat.
Corey seeks to understand all sides of a situation when she is leading and facilitating a team. As a facilitator she encourages, counsels and listens with her head and her heart. After talking with Corey, you feel that you have truly been heard.
Corey owns the facilitation of projects and she takes the necessary steps to inquire about the project deliverables. She also takes time to coach and mentor process owners on the importance of their roles and responsibilities.  
She has helped teams find solutions to dozens of challenges, has helped improve the care of our patients and helped increase the efficiency of our workforce.
But Corey’s contributions to the NHRMC organization and this community go far beyond her duties as a member of our Lean team.
Here is who Corey Yingling really is:
The first time Corey volunteered for a MarKIDS event, where young children learn about fresh food, she was moved by the needs of those children and knew that couldn't be the end. She volunteered to coordinate NHRMC’s entire NourishNC effort. She also joined NourishNC board and has coordinated nearly a dozen events, making sure as many employees as possible get to share the feeling of helping these children. Corey stands as a prime example of someone who volunteered to step up and become a broader part of our strategic plan simply because she wanted to make a lasting difference in this community.
Because of her attention to detail and her passion to help children in an insecure food environment, Corey spent countless hours planning and coordinating the details of our most recent NHRMC Food Drive, which raised a record $11,000 worth of food. 
And she has brought her philanthropic ideas back to her LEAN Team, who adopted a local school, providing the delivery of weekly food backpacks!

For all of her work guiding teams through the Lean process and positively impacting our organization …
For following her heart and volunteering to help thousands of children receive nutritious food …
And for inspiring all us to live the NHRMC mission and do the same for our community …

Corey Yingling is the November NHRMC Employee of Excellence!