Organizational Goals Reflect Progress, Commitment to Strategic Priorities

November 13, 2018
Organizational Scorecard Final 2019

NHRMC’s Organizational Scorecard reflects a strong year for FY18. Last year NHRMC added goals for new strategic initiatives of access, value and health equity to our traditional goals for people, quality, service, growth, and finance. Our 2019 goals also reflect an organizational commitment to continue building on successes in each the areas critical to our patients, staff and community.

The 2018 scorecard is mostly green for achieving our goals in the following areas:

  • Access: We measured “consumer touches,” which included metrics on how we’re reaching people outside our walls, including through MyChart interactions and website sessions.
  • Value: We nearly doubled our target for system savings, helping to drive value and use our resources more effectively for patient care and employee support.
  • Health Equity: We identified screening mammograms as an important goal and surpassed our goal through making it easier to make an appointment without a referral and setting up employee screening days and automatic reminders.
  • Service: Our patient satisfaction scores remain high and we met our target.
  • Finance: We met our operating margin goals, which is remarkable considering Hurricane Florence had at least a $30 million negative impact on our organization. Having this strong margin is what enabled us to absorb that loss and still do all we could to support our employees and community in the aftermath of that devastating storm.

Areas where we didn’t meet our goals include:

  • Growth: We were on a path to exceed our growth goals, then Florence hit and set us back. The Board of Trustees, recognizing the great work around growth and our response to the storm, voted to give us a “5” on our organizational scorecard for this despite missing the stated goal.
  • People: We were hoping to move our already high employee engagement score even higher, but came in exactly where we were last year – at the 74th percentile for the national database.
  • Quality: We aligned our 30-day mortality goal with the Atrium system’s goal and fell short. This is a metric the entire Atrium system is struggling with and will continue to focus on what we can do to improve. 

2019 Goals

NHRMC’s 2019 goals will continue to focus on meeting community needs and positioning ourselves for future success.

  • Under access, we will be tracking new primary care patients. We know having a primary care physician is important for the overall health management of a patient. And if they’re in our system, we can better coordinate their care.
  • For value, work to standardize care, reduce costs and drive savings continues to be an important goal.
  • For health equity, we’re going to work to identify the top three disparities in care and outcomes to focus our efforts on eliminating them in our community.
  • On quality, we’re continuing to focus on the 30-day mortality rate and will align our goal with the larger Atrium system.
  • With service, the overall rating composite score represents the percentage of patients from each of our settings – including hospitals, home care, and physician practices – who gave us a 9 or 10 on their patient survey.
  • We will also use our Employee Engagement Survey to track our people goal for 2019. This year’s focus will be on how attached employees are to our organization.
  • Our growth goal focuses on consumer touches, including clinical encounters, e-visits, and engagement across our social media channels.
  • Again, our finance goal is based on margin across the system.

Looking ahead

Every employee plays a role in the success of our organization. Our goals represent what NHRMC hopes to achieve in Fiscal Year 2019. Above every number on paper, though, is a patient or community that we can help. If we fulfill our roles in our community and at the bedside, we will have another successful year in 2019.