NHRMC Implements New Tool for Sharing Radiology Images for Transfer Patients

November 20, 2018
New Hanover Regional Medical Center’s Department of Radiology has implemented a new program to improve the process of sharing images for transfer patients.
It is not unusual for patients of other healthcare networks to be transferred NHRMC for a variety of medical or surgical needs. Previously, if these patients had received imaging at the transferring facility, a CD was sent

with the results of their imaging studies. There are many inherent limitations in this process, including the time and labor involved in burning the CDs, CDs getting lost in transport, improperly burned CDs, or an inability to read the files at the receiving hospital.

To improve efficiency of intake, reduce cost associated with repeated exams, and increase patient safety and satisfaction, NHRMC will be using Nuance Powershare as the primary file sharing platform for transfer patients.
Powershare works by providing a secure, cloud-based system for the sharing of radiology images. NHRMC can now send and receive these images on any desktop computer. NHRMC currently has participation agreements with our Dosher Memorial, Novant Brunswick, Columbus Regional, Camp Lejeune Naval, Bladen County, Duplin General, Southeastern Regional, Sampson Regional, Onslow Memorial Hospital, Duke University Medical Center and UNC Medical Center.
For information on the workflow visit PolicyStat: Transfer/Discharge of Patients policy & Regional Time Sensitive Injury Response.
Outgoing transfers: HUC/RN contacts Radiology at 910- 667-7070 during normal business hours and 910-341-3702 between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m.
Radiology Support Staff will verify if the receiving facility is on PowerShare
  • If YES, images will be sent electronically
  • If No, floor staff will come to Radiology Department to pick up disc
Incoming transfer images are coordinated by the Regional Transfer Center and Radiology.