NHRMC Provides Streamlined Direct Admit Process for Physician Practices

November 09, 2018
New Hanover Regional Medical Center offers a direct admission process, for local physician practices through designated phone numbers providers can use to more efficiently communicate and coordinate their patient’s admission. 
The primary goal of the system is to make clear all patient admission arrangements with a single call from the physician or physician practice, saving physicians valuable time and assuring patients presenting to the Direct Admit area have medical orders in place to appropriately care for them. 
How it Works 
A referring physician calls using one of two new numbers: 910.667.2544 (local) or 1.877.392.9648 (toll free) to admit a patient. 
The NHRMC Regional Transfer Center will receive the call, contact an accepting physician and conference the two physicians together. 
With all parties on the phone, medical information will be shared, bed placement options discussed, and if needed, transport details confirmed. 
This will enhance and expedite communication and ultimately improve patient safety and continuity of care.