Employee Events Scheduled for Spiritual Care Week

October 19, 2018
Chapel Stained Glass

The Spiritual Care Department of New Hanover Regional Medical Center joins Chaplains and Spiritual Caregivers all over in proclaiming October 21-27, 2018 as Spiritual Care Week. We encourage all to join with us as we celebrate the contributions of Spiritual Caregivers here at NHRMC.

Our theme is “Hospitality - Cultivating Time" which addresses one’s ability to navigate through and/or recover from some of life’s most challenging moments utilizing one’s spirituality and belief systems in adapting to and realigning to life following such moments.

We have a number of events scheduled to celebrate our chaplains as they seek to provide spiritual and emotional support to patients, families, visitors, and staff. Look for special events in your area. All staff are invited to the following:

Spiritual Care is Everywhere

As you go about the hospital, you may see members of our Spiritual Care team anywhere showing hospitality by taking time to care, listen, and show compassion. This care can be expressed in many ways including:

  • Riding with our EMTs responding to a call
  • Showing a visitor to the cafeteria
  • Sitting with staff listening to relaxing music while sipping tea and eating chocolate
  • Discussing end-of-life issues with patients and their families
  • Praying with parents of an infant in the NICU who is struggling to breathe
  • Discussing Spirituality in our Behavioral Health Hospital
  • Sitting with families in our Emergency Department while the Trauma team works to stabilize their loved one
  • Educating patients and staff about Advance Directives
  • Notarizing Advance Directives at no cost
  • Discussing palliative care options with a family and their nurse
  • Helping a patient in Pediatrics put together a puzzle
  • Sharing from a sacred text in the Sunday Chapel Devotional Service
  • Walking with a patient in the Rehab Hospital
  • Studying and discussing theological and psychological theories and belief systems while completing a 1-year Clinical Chaplain Residency 

For more information on Spiritual Care Week activities and the services offered by our Spiritual Care Department, please call 910.667.7014.