Sue Holloman Named October Employee of Excellence

October 16, 2018
October EOE Holloman

Sue Holloman, Nursing Coordinator in the PAT/OP Lab has been named the October Employee of Excellence at NHRMC.

Sue’s story starts with one of our visitors. This man’s wife was a patient at NHRMC. When he arrived to visit, he parked his car in the visitor’s lot. He grabbed his cane, shuffled out of the car, steadied himself, and looked up at the top of the hill.

He knew he couldn’t walk up the hill without assistance, so he stood in the parking lot, waiting patiently for a volunteer to come by in a golf cart and pick him up.

The drivers were busy making their rounds, so this man waited. Others visitors walked past. Staff members walked past. And then Sue Holloman walked his direction.

And she stopped.

She talked to the man for a couple minutes and learned what he needed. She then ran to the Zimmer Cancer Center, commandeered a wheelchair, and pushed the man up the hill so he could visit his wife.

During those few minutes, Sue talked with the man, comforting him and using humor to lighten the mood.

Nobody who has met Sue is surprised by this. Her dedication to our patients and her team is well documented.

Sue’s team members uniformly praise her for making sure her team is prepared for anything that comes along, and the her department has certainly undergone some changes in the past year. She even gets kudos for managing schedules and working to cover PDO requests to maintain work/life balance for everyone. When her team was without a manager, Sue took on unfamiliar tasks and provided a steadying force.

She such a positive influence, that her team members said they feel an uncomfortable void when she’s not around.

She encourages her co-workers to pursue healthier lifestyles, and she provides an example to follow. She bikes and kayaks and eats nutritious food, and she invests her time to help others do the same.

Sue is also a master seamstress, and her team of Killer Bees donates quilts to the Women’s & Children’s Hospital. Sue has also made countless quilts for others.

A coworker wrote:

“Sue’s quilts are true works of art -- beautiful, exquisite, sometimes whimsical and always perfectly constructed. For me, a quilt represents a labor of love, a thing of beauty that is warm, comfortable and useful. It's peaceful. Just as Sue enjoys producing beautiful quilts, her nursing career has produced many benefits of strength, beauty, comfort, fun and enjoyment to those around her.”

For all of these reasons and more, Sue Holloman is our October Employee of Excellence! 

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