NHRMC explores shelter options for staff whose homes are destroyed or damaged

September 17, 2018

Among the numerous victims of Hurricane Florence’s damage are our own employees. We are setting up a way to explore whether shelter is available in the community for our staff whose homes are destroyed or temporarily uninhabitable, and how to help employees start their disaster assistance application.


If you work here, full-time or part-time, or supervise someone whose home has been damaged enough to require other living arrangements, please call 667-5330 and leave a detailed message, or complete this survey. This applies to Pender employees and those off site.


A team will be working to reach out to those employees and explore available options.


At this time, we don’t know how many employees are impacted or how long their homes will be uninhabitable. Arrangements may range from short-term assistance to longer-term solutions. We are still researching what assistance may be available in the community.


We do intend to help staff begin their FEMA applications for help. However, FEMA-provided living space could be weeks or months away. We want our staff to have comfortable living quarters so they can rest, recover and be ready to continue to take care of our patients.


If you leave a message, be sure to describe where you live, extent of damage, level of flooding (are electrical receptacles under water, for example), how many live in the home and whether there are pets or residents with special needs.


Thank you for helping us look after our own.