How to Stay Safe After Hurricane Florence

September 16, 2018

Many in its path are ready to start cleaning up the destruction Hurricane Florence left behind, but avoiding potential dangers while doing so is an important part of the recovery process.

Here are some tips for staying safe after the storm:

  • While cleaning up debris, it's important to make sure that you refrain from performing tasks that you're unfamiliar with. If possible, seek help from individuals who are experienced with construction or similar work. It is especially important to avoid heights to prevent the potential of falls.  
  • These guidelines also pertain to repairing structures. Do not use power tools of other heavy equipment if you are inexperienced in doing so. 
  • A common hazard after hurricanes is animals. Be aware that there may be wild animals such as snakes that have been displaced by flood waters or have taken refuge in areas they would commonly not be found and use caution while clearing debris or entering areas that have been opened to the elements.
  • Along these lines, it is also important to do everything possible to avoid wading through flood waters. In addition to post-storm drainage, bacteria, and other hazards within the water, it is often impossible to see sharp objects or other dangerous items covered by murky waters.
  • A major danger after a hurricane is downed power lines. These lines can pose a fatal hazard even if they look like they aren't live. Please avoid touching them, walking over them, or even driving over them. 
  • After a hurricane, it is common for Emergency Rooms to be filled with those who have been unable to seek treatment for preexisting illnesses during the storm and those who have sustained injuries injuries during the storm or storm cleanup. The ER will likely be very busy when you are able to leave your homes or return from evacuation, so if you are able to consult your primary care doctor, that may be a faster way for you to be seen. Cases will be prioritized based on severity. 
New Hanover Regional Medical Center is committed to providing excellent care to everyone who needs us during or after Hurricane Florence. Please stay safe during this challenging time.