Let's Relieve Our Child Care Workers

September 17, 2018

Some of the unsung heroes of our storm effort are those who have taken care of our children, allowing their parents to take care of patients who have nowhere else to turn. About 140 kids are part of our temporary child care program, and our Human Resources and Employee Fitness Center staff and Children’s Health Center workers have done a phenomenal job keeping those kids safe and entertained. Ask any of the parents if you have any doubt about it.


The point here is not so much to sing their praises, but to offer them some relief. The team has had enough. Most have been in place since Wednesday night, tirelessly taking care of what matters most to all of you, and they’re not going home tonight. So while they haven’t complained, they need the same relief that our clinical staff so richly deserves.


We need about 20 of you to volunteer to help. And we need you immediately. If you can, please report to the Health Department Labor Pool first thing in the morning so you can start to relieve this crew. You don’t need to have parenting experience, but just be patient and kind with these wonderful kids.


The EFC and HRs staffs need relief because it’s the fair thing to do. They are fitness trainers and people managers, not our free nannies. And the sooner we can get CHC staff rested and back to work, the sooner they can resume our official child care service and end this chapter of our storm response.


Thank you in advance for signing up. If you can help, please call CNRO at 667-4041.