New System Organizational Structure Looks to Future

August 29, 2018

Message from John Gizdic, NHRMC President and CEO

As an organization evolves, it’s important to continually look at its structure to ensure it supports new priorities and ways of doing business.

I’m pleased to announce some changes to our system’s structure that will do just that.

We’re investing in areas critical to our future, including clinical excellence, consumer and patient experience, and the development of our staff and leaders.

The changes align talent with the strategic plan, foster system collaborations, and provide for both immediate operational problem-solving as well as long-term planning.

It’s a structure that also recognizes the importance of succession planning in building continuity and stability. This is part of what we do to make sure our leaders have the experiences and opportunities to grow in their careers here.

Among the changes:

  • Tad Dunn, MD, who has announced he will retire next year, will serve as Medical Director Emeritus.As the critical care / pulmonology specialist who started the intensivist program at NHRMC, Dr. Dunn has been instrumental in building the program as it exists today and will help position it for the future. In the next year, he will work to move the ICU to a closed model, considered a best practice, in which intensivists are the attending physicians in the ICU.
  • Clyde Harris, MD will be VP of Clinical Excellence and work to build a clinical excellence program with Director Claire Corbett.The focus on clinical excellence is a key piece of the organization's effort to make high quality, high value care more consistent across the system.Dr. Harris's experience as a hospitalist who has driven quality improvement throughout his career is well suited toward helping get this important effort started and embraced by the physician community.
  • Amy Messier, MD will apply her passion and expertise around using technology to advance care as VP of Clinical Integration & Informatics & CMIO. She will oversee clinical informatics and clinical systems as they work to optimize Epic to drive better care and reduce burnout among providers. Providers have told us this is important to them and there are many opportunities for advancements that can support, rather than hinder, the doctor-patient relationship.
  • Mary Ellen Bonczek, Chief Nurse Executive, will have the opportunity to focus on nursing at a system level. She will work to elevate the aggregate quality of nursing across the organization through the development of the nursing workforce, clinical leadership, and a new patient experience team.
  • Amy Akers, Associate Chief Nurse Executive, will take on more of the nursing operations.Amy will oversee Adult Health and Women’s & Children’s Services in addition to the Emergency Departments and Behavioral Health.
  • Laurie Whalin, VP of Clinical Services, will also take on additional operational departments.She is assuming responsibility for Rehabilitation Services, Neurosciences and Respiratory Care and Oncology Services in addition to Laboratory, Pharmacy and Imaging Services.
  • Sarah Brannan, will become Administrator of Operations, which will include patient flow and the Clinical Resource Services Division.
  • Jason Pisani will become Director of Financial Planning and Analysis and oversee labor management, which aligns with the work he has done on business planning.
  • A new Chief Clinical Officer will be recruited to oversee all aspects of quality and clinical excellence departments.

How our organizational structure supports the work of our many departments and employees is a priority under our strategic plan and something we need to evaluate regularly.

We value the contributions of all our staff and leaders and want to make sure they’re aligned in way that continually advances our mission.

We are fortunate to have a great depth of leadership talent here.  While we know there will be a period of transition as departments and leaders learn from each other, we’re confident our shared commitment to our mission and what’s best for our patients will help us through any hurdles we face and, together, we’ll build a stronger team.

Thank you for all you do.

New Organization Chart