Radiology to Upgrade to Fuji Synapse 5

July 02, 2018
NHRMC Radiology will be upgrading to Fuji Synapse 5 on July 14, an evolution of enterprise imaging. Synapse 5 ranks among the fastest medical imaging solution in the industry with a focus on interactivity and will lead to significant benefits for those viewing images system-wide.
There are many benefits to the upgrade:
  • Speed – Zero download means on-demand image viewing and interaction helping to streamline workflow
  • Security – Server based system means no software download and no PHI saved to local work stations
  • Efficiency – Advanced user experience and on-demand image viewing means no wait time for images, saving time and streamlining workflow
  • Access -  Breast surgeons and other non-radiologists will be able to view 3-dimensional mammography images
 Video demonstrations and tip sheets are available online at