NHRMC Welcomes Largest Class of New Grad Nurses

July 11, 2018
New Grad Nurses 2018

On July 9, New Hanover Regional Medical Center welcomed its biggest group of new graduate nurses in the history of the organization.

About 140 enthusiastic nurses learned the basics of becoming an NHRMC employee during orientation, which was moved to the Brooklyn Arts Center due to the size of the class.

Starting July 16, many of the nurses will enroll in the StaRN program, a five-week course tailored to NHRMC and the equipment the nurses will be using when they take the floor. In the final week of StaRN, the new grad nurses will get hands-on experience in simulations using the exact equipment used at NHRMC.

In addition to recruiting the top nurses from nursing schools in southeastern North Carolina, NHRMC recruiters traveled to Pittsburgh, Pa., and Nashville, Tenn., to bolster this year's class. 

The new nurses are:

Madison Alphin 5th Floor Medicine
Stevie Anderson 5th Floor Medicine
Chloe Barry 5th Floor Medicine
Hannah Brantham 5th Floor Medicine
Cameron Brewer 5th Floor Medicine
Courteney Casey 5th Floor Medicine
Alexis Darling 5th Floor Medicine
Beth Etheridge 5th Floor Medicine
Aggie Filarska 5th Floor Medicine
Alex Forman 5th Floor Medicine
Jennifer Pereira 5th Floor Medicine
Lindsey Reed 5th Floor Medicine
Allie Worthington 5th Floor Medicine
Alexis Fountain 6th Floor Medicine
Winward Ganu 6th Floor Medicine
Kat Grieb 6th Floor Medicine
Brittany Haynes 6th Floor Medicine
Anthony Austin Horn 6th Floor Medicine
Marissa Hyatt 6th Floor Medicine
Agnes Jakes 6th Floor Medicine
Olivia June 6th Floor Medicine
Courtney Kaufmann 6th Floor Medicine
Monica Kump 6th Floor Medicine
Colleen Mason 6th Floor Medicine
Annah Maynes 6th Floor Medicine
Chase Mueller 6th Floor Medicine
Jordan Thompson 6th Floor Medicine
Kat Brockman Cardiac Med Surg Telemetry
Jeannie Burdette Cardiac Med Surg Telemetry
Christopher Ochtyun Cardiac Med Surg Telemetry
Ryan Royster Cardiac Med Surg Telemetry
April Tyner Cardiac Med Surg Telemetry
Ashton Bizzell Cardiac Medical Telemetry
Emma Cavedo Cardiac Medical Telemetry
Jamie Espada Cardiac Medical Telemetry
Amanda File Cardiac Medical Telemetry
Dale Maynard Cardiac Medical Telemetry
Jessica Neville Cardiac Medical Telemetry
Rachel Tennant Centralized Nursing Resources
Lindsey Bren CF - Emergency Department
Nadia Carlson CF - Emergency Department
Ana Funk CF - Emergency Department
Abigail Kent CF - Orthopedics
Kkay King CF - Orthopedics
Katherine Molzon CF - Orthopedics
Sheila Stringfield Coronary Care Unit
Patrick Jones CVICU
Angela Dugger Emergency Department
Mina Etienne Emergency Department
Sarah Faerber Emergency Department
Alyssa Gaylor Emergency Department
Kaylee Hall Emergency Department
Hawkins Emergency Department
Aubrey Holland Emergency Department
Josh Knautz Emergency Department
Shelly Kreiner Emergency Department
Katherine Moore Emergency Department
Laura Psaros Emergency Department
Morgan Radford Emergency Department
Alecia Reid Emergency Department
Kate Rogers Emergency Department
Jessica Smith Emergency Department
Angela Strickland Emergency Department
Jimmy Taggart Emergency Department
Mckenzie Wallace Emergency Department
Bailey White Emergency Department
Mason Crawford Inpatient Surgery Unit
Laura Dahlby Inpatient Surgery Unit
Ashley Watson Inpatient Surgery Unit
Jillian Born Labor & Delivery
Jamie Draper Labor & Delivery
Ashley Riley Labor & Delivery
Becky Bentz Med/Surg Nephrology
Travis McCluskey Med/Surg Nephrology
Bryanna Turnbough Med/Surg Nephrology
Taylor Williams Med/Surg Nephrology
Missy Young Med/Surg Nephrology
Jan DeAngelis Medicine - Oncology
Rebecca Muller Medicine - Oncology
Abigail Pait Medicine - Oncology
Chelsea Ratley Medicine - Oncology
Nicole Rininger Medicine - Oncology
Danielle Risner Medicine - Oncology
Megan Robinson Medicine - Oncology
Ashley Schott Medicine - Oncology
Megan Shaffer Medicine - Oncology
Lindsey Sullivan Medicine - Oncology
Nikole Sutton Medicine - Oncology
Mary Kathryn Thomas Medicine - Oncology
Brenda Zalewski Medicine - Oncology
Elysha Chrzanowski MICU
Sam Collins MICU
Antonio Gavrila MICU
Ashley Gillespie MICU
Joey Kivett MICU
Hunter Riddle MICU
John Russell MICU
Ren Shotts MICU
Christian Verzaal MICU
Carey Brunner Mother/Baby
Jenn Medford Mother/Baby
Courtney Mehall Mother/Baby
Joy Akuche Neonatal ICU
Lexus Brown Neonatal ICU
Sarah Bundy Shaffer Neonatal ICU
Jennifer Darling Yaw Neonatal ICU
Jennifer Eddins Neonatal ICU
Jordan Lewis Neonatal ICU
Megan Theall Neonatal ICU
Rielee Welch Neonatal ICU
Alexandra Bouma NHRMC ED North
Erin Broadaway NHRMC ED North
Kylene Tucker NHRMC ED North
Brittany Jones Nursing Admin (PMH-ED)
Patricia Satterlie OR - 17th Street
Jeremy Floyd Ortho Trauma/Spine/Neurosurg
Taylor Philemon Ortho Trauma/Spine/Neurosurg
Dana Springer Ortho Trauma/Spine/Neurosurg
Amy Stewart Ortho Trauma/Spine/Neurosurg
Mark Sulva Ortho Trauma/Spine/Neurosurg
Kathryn Taylor Ortho Trauma/Spine/Neurosurg
Susan Stepp Outpatient Oncology
Steven Creech PCU
Breanne Elrod PCU
Summer Gourneau PCU
Kristan Herrin PCU
Libby Kasten PCU
Kate Kroepke PCU
Lauren Ledford PCU
Rachael Meadows PCU
Katie Overman PCU
Devin Payne PCU
Jessica Waters PCU
Brooke Johnston Pediatric ICU
Ashleigh Thigpen Pediatric ICU
Christeen McCormick Pediatrics
Leah Rocamora Pediatrics
Lauren Rogers Pediatrics
Elizabeth Houston Rehab Svcs-Nursing
Lori Heflin Women's Unit