Enjoy the Rewards of Mentoring a New Nurse

June 03, 2018

As NHRMC prepares for an influx of 200 new nurses, you have an opportunity to make their transition a bit more comfortable. Starting at a new hospital can be a challenge, and every nurse in the NHRMC system can offer an understanding ear or wisdom and guidance to give them confidence to trust their own skills.

Here's a story of one mentor and her mentees and the friendship they've built.

Double Mentee Twins

Sandy Andrews was delighted when she was chosen to be a mentor for the NHRMC’s mentorship program. NHRMC started the mentorship program for graduate nurses in the Summer of  2015. Over the years, she has mentored more than half a dozen nurses, bridging the gap between the experienced and inexperienced.

Mentors do not work on the same unit as the mentees, allowing them to be objective and preserve confidentiality.

“I’m a resource for them,” Andrews said. “If they need to vent or to ask a question or just to talk to someone off the floor, I’m here for them.”

As a mentor, Andrews, Patient Safety Outcomes Manager, is required to meet with her mentees at least once a month. But twin sisters Lesley and Emily Bey reach out to Andrews much more frequently.

Andrews imparts the wisdom of experience and encourages the young nurses to trust their education.

“She reminds us that we are always advocating for the patient and to trust our gut,” Emily said.

“Some young nurses feel overwhelmed, and that’s normal,” Andrews said. “They are responsible for people’s lives, and they don’t have a lot of experience. But they do have education and they are incredibly smart, so I often tell them, ‘You made the right decision.’”

Andrews’ relationship with the Bey twins goes well beyond the professional requirements. Their picture is proudly displayed in Andrews’ office, and she has even gone wedding dress shopping with Lesley.

The mentorship program has proven to help with retention at NHRMC, and with a growing work force at NHRMC, more mentors will be needed.

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