First Three Doctors Graduate from UNC School of Medicine Wilmington Campus

May 14, 2018
Med Students 2018

On Saturday May 12, the Wilmington Campus of the UNC School of Medicine graduated its first class. The three graduates, Dr. Alekhya Yechoor, Dr. Michelle Usala, and Dr. Matthew Braswell became the first Wilmington Campus students in 2016. Over the past two years, they have worked alongside staff and administration at NHRMC in various departments.

“Through the many patient encounters and bedside teaching, these students found their passion in medicine and are well prepared to take on the next step in their career path, residency training in highly competitive programs,” said Dr. Joseph Pino, Campus Director for the Wilmington Branch of the UNC School of Medicine. “A solid foundation for our campus has been developed, and we look forward to increasing the number of medical students who train in Wilmington.”

The Commencement Ceremony took place at Memorial Hall in Chapel Hill and included time-honored traditions of “conferring of the hoods,” singing of the Alma Mater, and taking the Oath of Hippocrates.

NHRMC is excited that Dr. Yechoor decided to join our Internal Medicine Program for her preliminary year of residency starting in June. Dr. Usala and Dr. Braswell also got accepted into programs in North Carolina. Dr. Usala was accepted into the Psychiatry Residency in Chapel Hill and Dr. Braswell was accepted to the Orthopedic Program in Charlotte.


Pictured below are the three students when they began classes at the Wilmington campus in 2016.

Med Students 2016