Harvest Calendar for NHRMC Community Garden

May 20, 2018
Veggies Garden

The NHRMC Community Garden has released the summer 2018 harvest schedule for fruits and vegetables for summer 2018.   

Here’s what you can expect to find: 

Produce Date Produce Date
Chinese Cabbage

May 26

 Turnips July 24
Kale June 7 Peppers July 30
Radishes June 7 Tomatoes Aug. 2
Basil June 19 Okra Aug. 7
Mustard Greens June 26 Eggplant Sept. 8

June 28

Snap Beans Sept. 19
Summer Squash July 12 Field Peas Oct. 10
Cabbage  July 20 Sweet Potatoes Nov. 7

The Community Garden is located behind NHRMC Heart Center - Outpatient Services at 1415 Physicians Drive, Wilmington.  

Who can pick produce? 

As a benefit, all NHRMC employees are eligible to pick from the Community Garden at any time. There is no limit to what can be picked. The honor system is in place, and it is understood that what is picked is only what is needed and desired. All produce is FREE.  

Volunteer and Learn: 

Herb container gardening class: 

Learn how to grow your own fresh herbs at the free Herb Container Gardening class 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday May 31 at the Community Garden. Master Gardener David Brenner will teach the proper ways to plant and care for herbs.

For more information on the NHRMC Community Garden contact Mission Corps Community Gardens Ambassador [email protected].