NHRMC Makes Efforts to Increase Recycling

April 17, 2018

Earth Day arrives on Sunday, April 22, and this presents us with an opportunity to highlight NHRMC’s efforts to recycle materials throughout our system.

The recycling efforts show that NHRMC is working to be environmentally conscious and, in some cases, the initiatives save the organization money.


The NHRMC Cafeteria has added multiple recycling containers in the tray disposal area in the cafeteria at the main campus. These bins for recycling bottles and cans have been placed to the right of the standard trash receptacles.


Several green rectangular recycling bins are located throughout the main corridors, such as in the Surgical Pavillion and near the Au Bon Pain Cafe.

Sharps Containers

NHRMC made an environmental change about 24 months ago when moving to the Daniels reusable sharps containers. Through the use of this system, we have diverted 64,891 pounds from the landfill in the past year.

Operating Room

Another new sustainability project is using reusable containers to capture single use devices (SUD) from the Operating Room waste stream. Daniels, our vendor, will send the devices back to companies to reprocess and find other homes for the product. This will yield a 35-40% decrease in OR waste!

Recycling in the 8 OR’s at the Orthopedic hospital remains successful due to the steadfast staff support. Educating staff and physicians about the correct materials to be placed in the bins has been crucial. Even the sales representatives place boxes and plastics from the implants, etc. into the recycling bins.


When NHRMC demolished the old parking garage to make room for construction of the new Orthopedic Hospital, our demolition contractor hauled the debris to the concrete recycling yard. By weight and volume, this is one of the most impactful recycling projects at NHRMC.

The construction crews also routinely recycle metal studs, ductwork and electrical wire from interior renovations, such as the ongoing ICU makeover.

Get Involved

If you would like to be a part of furthering NHRMC’s ambition to be more environmentally friendly, please join the Green Dream Team recycling group on Yammer.