DNV Survey Wraps Up with High Praise for NHRMC Team

April 16, 2018
DNV Survey

"This organization opened my eyes to what great organizations can do." - DNV Surveyor

DNV surveyors travel to hundreds of hospitals looking for what’s wrong.  They look in every corner, examine an endless stream of charts and processes, and talk with countless people to get a sense of the culture, safety and what can be done better.

They came away from NHRMC, once again, impressed.

After three days of surveying the NHRMC system, the surveyors wrapped up with praise for the staff and physicians. They said they were blown away by the level of transparency and engagement they saw, commenting on how the physicians and staff they met knew their stuff and could speak to how quality is being improved.

The lead surveyor noted that he has surveyed 275 hospitals since visiting NHRMC last year and still put us in the top two or three hospitals he has seen in the country.  He even said he has learned some best practices that can be shared with other systems.

This was NHRMC’s second year with DNV. Though the second year is notoriously tougher than the first, as surveyors are known to dig deeper and uncover more, NHRMC had the same very small number of finding as last year. 

“This was a great survey,” said John Gizdic, NHRMC President and CEO.  “Thank you for all you are doing. This translates into better care for our patients, and that is what it is all about.”

John also extended his thanks to Tammy Eisel, Director of Accreditation.  “You made sure we were prepared, accountable and ended up with the results we did.”