Karine Eason Honored as April Employee of Excellence

April 05, 2018
April EOE Eason

Recently, a young patient at the New Hanover Regional Medical Center Emergency Department needed to be examined by one of our Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners. The young patient had never had any type of  medical exam. Imagine the fear that patient must have felt – being brought into a room with adult strangers and undergoing an extensive exam that would make any adult cringe.

The SANE nurse knew the patient would need a calming, soothing presence while the exam took place. Without hesitation, she turned to Karine Eason, the Administrative Coordinator in the Emergency Department. As her scheduled shift neared its end, Karine hopped up on the stretcher, sharing cartoons and videos on her phone with the young patient.

Dinner? That could wait. A spouse at home? He would have to understand; he always does. Because he knows Karine could never leave a child in that situation if there was anything she could do to help.

Two hours after her shift was scheduled to end, she was still on that stretcher, completely devoted to making the patient feel as comfortable as possible. She held the child’s hand, smiled and remained calm and supportive during the entire examination.

This kind of dedication to her patients is what prompted one co-worker to say: “If the organization would allow her to have a cot in her office, she would never leave.”

Likewise, Karine is devoted to her staff. If a co-worker starts to feel the stress of a busy day in the Emergency Department, she is quick to help. She recognizes if a coworker has not had lunch or needs a pick-me-up during their shift. Often, that meal or snack is paid for out of her own pocket.

When the sudden death of an employee jolted the team at ED North, this nurse volunteered to work at ED North and then made it her mission to find additional staff to help cover the staffing needs for a grieving department. She made sure that all the staff had the opportunity to attend the service of their coworker that passed away.

For truly representing the heart of our organization, Karine Eason has been named the NHRMC April Employee of Excellence.

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