Spring 21-Day Reset, Cooking Classes Start in April

March 28, 2018
Cooking Class Photo 0328

NHRMC is excited to announce that we are kicking off the spring season with so many opportunities for you to eat well and feel your best! Here’s a snapshot of what’s happening: 

  • 21-Day Whole Body Reset: Kick-off meetings will be held at 6 p.m. April 4 at the fitness center and at noon April 5 in the NHRMC Auditorium. The April 5 session will be broadcast live at Pender Memorial Hospital. Take 21 days to learn how to follow a balanced nutrition plan that is tasty and sustainable. A great jumpstart for improving energy levels, losing weight and improving your overall well-being. Please sign up and join the kick-off meeting even if this is your 2nd Reset. New for this Reset: Daily motivational emails to help keep you on track, easy to follow meal plan (vegan/vegetarian options available!), updated recipe database and much more!
  • 8 and 4 Week Cooking Series: Jump into healthier eating by joining a 4-week healthy food preparation class or 8-week foundations of nutrition class. New to both classes this round are updated recipes and use of the instant pot and air fryer! Come join the fun of seeing and tasting how many delicious recipes are made. Learn some practical tips that make healthy eating tastier and easier than ever! Recipes you will learn are designed to be budget conscious, taste good, and can help you lower your weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and more! 
  • All New One-Time Cooking Classes and Grocery Store Tours: Join us for a taste of what the NHRMC Teaching Kitchen has to offer by joining a one-time cooking class such as “Healthy Eating for Picky Eaters,” “Portion Control 101,” “Sugar Savvy,” “Salt Smarts” and much more!

Click here to learn more and register.