NHRMC Confident in Structural Safety of Pedestrian Bridge

March 15, 2018
skywalk secure

In the aftermath of the tragic bridge collapse in Florida, NHRMC has been questioned by the media about the safety of the new skywalk that connects the NHRMC Employee Parking Garage to the main campus.We understand that tragedies like this raise questions, however we are confident in the structural integrity and safety of the walkway we installed last year.

NHRMC made safety a top priority in the construction of the walkway and takes every precaution to ensure our construction projects meet or exceed all industry safety standards.

The walkway was built to meet proven engineering and construction standards and was inspected and approved by a structural engineer and a third-party engineering inspections firm before it opened. In addition, the steel box truss design was approved by the N.C. Department of Transportation and represents a different structure than what was used in Florida.