Kenya Bethea Honored as March Employee of Excellence

March 07, 2018
EOE March 2018 Kenya Bethea

At her orientation lunch, Kenya Bethea told her new manager, “I am so thankful to be able to work here.” After being named March Employee of Excellence, Kenya knows that NHRMC reciprocates her feelings.

Working in the NHRMC Behavioral Health Hospital with some challenging patients, Kenya has repeatedly displayed two extremely valuable traits -- positivity and empathy.

When challenges arise, this psychiatric technician rallies her teammates to find the positives and look for potential solutions. Her compassion shines through her smile  every day. Working with Behavioral Health patients can be challenging both mentally and physically, but you will never find her without a smile. “When she is at work,” her manager said, “we all know it is going to be a good day.

Our Employee of Excellence also finds a way to earn the trust of patients who aren’t easy to reach. She makes the patients feel comfortable enough to talk to her when things are not going well. She gives them practical solutions that the patients can put in to practice. The patients and her teammates recognize how caring and thoughtful she is, yet she routinely deflects praise. She is mentioned weekly in the “Hot Comments” for Behavioral Health as being compassionate, listening and truly helping the patients.

Kenya develops a rapport with the patients and has verbally de-escalated many patients before they reached the point that they would have an outburst. She finds the patient’s communication level and talks with them in ways they can understand. 

She is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the patients’ spirits are uplifted as well. When Kenya noticed that the patients on the A/B unit did not have access to a computer for paying bills, answering emails and other necessary communication, she brought this need to the leadership team and was able to offer a solution so that the patients now have access.

Kenya’s shining moments – and there are many of them – often involve her uncanny knack for understanding other people’s feelings.

Recently, Behavioral Health had a patient who had been in and out of seclusion because of her violent outbursts. Our Employee of Excellence took the time to talk with this patient and figured out that if the patient was allowed to go outside for a few minutes when she became extremely upset, she immediately calmed. Our psych tech communicated this information to the patient’s treatment team and the patient remained out of seclusion for the rest of her stay.

Our Employee of Excellence has shown repeatedly that she deeply cares for the safety of the patients, her teammates, and visitors at BHH.

So, today, we say “We are so thankful to have you working for us!” to our March Employee of Excellence, Kenya Bethea.