Rebecca McGhee Named Leader of Excellence

February 01, 2018
Becky McGhee Portrait

Rebecca McGhee, Manager of Outpatient Therapy at Oleander Rehab, was named Leader of Excellence at the first NHRMC Leadership Collaborative.

McGhee runs an efficient shop, dedicates herself to the organization's mission, takes time to listen to her staff and patients, and – if you have a moment of forgetfulness – she might even help you find your wallet. 

She has decreased turnover in her department, exceeded goals for patient volume in a very competitive market and maintained patient experience scores in the top 20 percent. 

Rehab employees say she is the most approachable and compassionate manager they've ever had. Her door is always open, and patients often stop in just to chat. Likewise, her staff members know they can stop by to discuss an issue or propose an idea and this leader will listen patiently and bestow some valuable insight. 

Becky McGhee LOE

McGhee responds to patients and staff members with grace and tact even when she's facing demanding deadlines for important projects. She has developed initiatives to expand her team's services to unexpected locations and collaborated with other service line leaders to offer new services. She's working diligently to help reduce falls, and developing non-narcotic interventions for patients with pain or dysfunction. 

And she supports her staff's aspirations. When a staff member wants to become certified and bring a new treatment to NHRMC, this manager helps them succeed. That support benefits her team, and ultimately, our patients. 

She lives the mission: Leading Our Community to Outstanding Health. That starts with her own determination to complete a half-marathon despite daunting obstacles. That work ethic and dedication filters to her team, who join her for group workouts at the Employee Fitness Center. 

McGhee’s determination to meet the needs of a single patient exemplify how far she will go to ensure our standards are upheld. 

Shining Moment 

One patient was late for an appointment and arrived in a state of agitation. McGhee met this patient and did her best to calm him. She then freed up a therapist to see the patient. Before the therapy session, the patient was asked for his co-pay. He reached for his wallet, and it was missing.  

The patient was extremely upset, and once again McGhee did her best to calm him. She asked when he had last used his wallet, and helped him deduce that he must have left it at a particular grocery store. She insisted that the patient go on with his therapy session without the co-pay. 

While he was having his treatment, McGhee called the grocery store and confirmed that the wallet had been turned in. Then she hopped in her car, drove to the grocery store and retrieved the wallet. When the patient had completed his therapy, his wallet was waiting for him at checkout. 

As the patient left his appointment, he expressed his gratitude. 

And now, NHRMC expresses its gratitude to Rebecca McGhee, our Leader of Excellence.