Debbie Garrett Named February Employee of Excellence

February 04, 2018

If there’s any amount of money available that can help her patients, Debbie Garrett, business office representative at Cape Fear Cancer Specialists, will find it and help them use it.

Through her own investigation, networking, and trial and error she has become the Queen of Authorizations, a true patient advocate, and financial counselor for our patients.

And now Garrett is NHRMC’s February Employee of Excellence

She proactively meets with each new chemo treatment patient. She explains their benefits and if she spots a lapse or void in coverage, she uses her vast knowledge of available resources to fill in the gap. She connects with multiple foundations to obtain additional coverage, and works with pharmaceutical companies to obtain free drugs or co-pay cards.

And her help doesn’t stop there. If a patient needs help with travel, child care or mowing the lawn, our Employee of Excellence will work with local foundations to help cover those costs. Garrett understands that, in the midst of cancer treatment, her patients don’t need to worry about the trifling frustrations of everyday life. She works so hard for patients that she is featured on one of the foundation websites as a true patient advocate.

And if an insurance company tries to deny coverage for one of her patients, Garrett will do what she can to prove need and coverage.

She knows every dollar that is available to all of her patients, and the numerous thank you cards prove that her patients recognize her compassion and advocacy.
Beyond her tenacity for gaining approvals, Garrett is a strong team player. She works to build processes that have since been adopted by other departments. And if someone from an affiliated practice needs to learn how to get authorizations, she is willing to train them.

She even plans the cookouts and potlucks for staff and physicians.

For every dollar she finds for her patients, for every teammate she has helped, for every hug she’s received from a patient …

Debbie Garrett, is NHRMC’s February Employee of Excellence.