NHRMC Welcomes 38 New Employees at January 22 Orientation

January 23, 2018

This week we welcomed 38 new employees to the NHRMC team! Please welcome this amazing group of people.

Please extend a very warm welcome to: Ursula Armstrong; Cassy Bertelson; Renee Brown; Marissa Bryant; Samantha Byrd; Victoria Cartier; Shanna Cummings; Larry Davis; Leslie Deroche'; Emily DesCamp; Timothy Fisher; Ashlie Gossett; Ebony Guerra; Alec Hubbard; Kimberely Hurley Hernandez; Sue Lav; Patience Locklear; Julian March; Tanner McGrady; Erin McKinney; Meta McLaughlin; Desmond Mills; Sarah Mullis; Irene Ngenoh; Brittany Osgood; Amber Pohlaus; Nicholas Raye; Sarah Rohrman; Melissa Roman; Tracey Russell; Shannon Ryan; Ashley Sawyer; Kellie Schmitt; Justin Stowers; Angela Taylor; Christin Tew; Michael Verian; and Monique Worthington.