Sierra Leone Hospital Gets Supplies from NHRMC Mission Ready

December 18, 2017
sierra leone hospital

A truck filled with beds, an EMS stretcher and supplies NHRMC can no longer use is on its way to provide much-needed resources to a small, medically-desperate rural town in the African country of Sierra Leone. 

Retired NHRMC physician executive, Sam Spicer, MD, coordinated the shipment with the local medical mission group, Mission of Hope.  He said the supplies donated through NHRMC Mission Ready will help a community devastated by civil war, Ebola, and a medical system so poor the country has the highest maternal mortality rate in the world.

The beds and supplies are going to Rotifunk Hospital, which is dedicated to caring for mothers and children.

NHRMC Mission Ready takes unused and expired supplies and equipment that can no longer be used in the United States and stores and inventories them to be made available to qualified charitable organizations.  Clean and far superior to what's available in developing countries; these supplies would be thrown away here, but could save a life elsewhere.  To learn more, visit NHRMC Mission Ready.