Glennis Hansley, LPN, Named December Employee of Excellence

December 06, 2017

Glennis Hansley, LPN at Pender Memorial Hospital, has been named the New Hanover Regional Medical Center Employee of Excellence for December. Glennis works as a charge nurse in the skilled nursing facility at Pender Memorial Hospital.

Her co-workers found lots of ways to describe Glennis: Straight Shooter, Mama Bear, Queen of Work Schedules, Genius, Jack of All Trades.

But there’s one word that really defines Glennis: Advocate.

Glennis is willing to do whatever it takes for her patients and their families. Here’s an example:

One afternoon, a resident’s health began to decline rapidly. Her family had already requested comfort care only.
A family meeting was quickly arranged, and the family nurse practitioner discussed the prognosis with the family. The family’s greatest desire was just to take the patient home for her last day. The FNP, however, wasn’t sure the patient would survive even one more day.

So Glennis said, "Can we make arrangements for her to go home today? I'm willing to fight for it."

“Glennis’ determination epitomizes what we do as an organization,” said John Gizdic, NHRMC President and CEO. “Glennis was willing to do whatever she could to make sure the family’s final wish was fulfilled.”
While the FNP comforted and supported the distraught family, Glennis went to work, arranging for Hospice to visit the family’s home that same day. She contacted the transporter and asked her to arrange urgent ambulance transport for the resident. She helped the resident's primary nurse prepare the discharge paperwork and medications under tight time constraints. Glennis then instructed the resident's certified nursing assistant to quickly and carefully pack up her room while other CNAs cared for her other assigned residents.

In a few short hours, this resident was home, with her family, on her last day.
Our Employee of Excellence “fought” for this resident and her family, going above and beyond to make sure they had one last day at home.

Congratulations to Glennis Hansley – the NHRMC December Employee of Excellence!

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