Five NHRMC Leaders Promoted to Vice President

October 25, 2016

WILMINGTON, NC – New Hanover Regional Medical Center is pleased to announce that five experienced leaders have been promoted to new leadership roles within the organization.
They are:

Amy Akers, VP, Patient Services
Dan Goodwin, VP, Physician Network
Kristy Hubard, VP, Strategic Services
Dr. Amy Messier, VP, Clinical Integration and Informatics
Laurie Whalin, VP, Clinical Support Services

The new vice presidents assumed their new roles on October 1. They are part of the new leadership team that will support NHRMC President John Gizdic as he prepares to succeed Jack Barto.

“I have complete confidence in the ability and dedication of these five leaders,” Gizdic said. “Their vision and determination has helped us become a stronger organization, and they, along with the staff across the organization, will help guide the future of NHRMC and our role as a healthcare leader in this region.”

Here is a brief look at the new vice presidents:

Amy Akers, VP, Patient Services: Akers joined NHRMC in 2015 as assistant vice president of nursing, where she assisted NHRMC Chief Nurse Executive Mary Ellen Bonczek with strategic planning for nursing. Her duties included performance improvement initiatives, improving our patients’ experience, supporting labor management initiatives, and enhancing our shared governance model, which empowers nurses and staff to have a bigger role in decision making. Akers will be a strategic contributor to the long-term planning and business growth of the organization. Before joining NHRMC, Akers was a director at LewisGale Medical Center in Salem, VA, where she worked for 18 years. She has experience leading multiple departments including emergency services, orthopedics, pediatrics and rehabilitation. She has also worked very closely with behavioral health throughout her career. In her new position, Akers will oversee emergency services, rehabilitation services and behavioral health.

Dan Goodwin, VP, Physician Network: Goodwin has worked with the NHRMC Physician Group since 2009. As vice president, he oversees more than 620 employees and 230 providers in 42 locations. One of his key initiatives was rolling out the new electronic medical record (Epic) to the physician group. Prior to joining the NHRMC Physician Group, Goodwin was an administrative director at Arnett Health System in Lafayette, IN and an associate clinic administrator in the Mayo Health System in Minnesota. In his new role, Goodwin will continue to be the director of the NHRMC Physician Group and will take on the added responsibilities of overseeing NHRMC’s residency programs and revenue cycle solutions.

Kristy Hubard, VP, Strategic Services: Hubard has served as the administrator for the NHRMC Business Analysis and Planning department since January 2014. Named a NHRMC Leader of Excellence, she served in management roles for strategic planning and decision support. Hubard began her career at NHRMC in 1999 as the administrative resident and has contributed significantly to the organization’s growth and success. She has directly led or supported the development of five organization-wide strategic plans, one of which included a $249 million master facility plan. Additionally, she leads the organization’s enterprise analytics strategy. In her new role, Hubard will oversee enterprise analytics, business development and planning, marketing and public relations, government affairs and community relations.

Dr. Amy Messier, VP, Clinical Integration and Informatics: Dr. Messier has been a family physician with the NHRMC Physician Group - New Hanover Medical Group practice since 2008. She is the chief medical information officer at NHRMC and publishes NHRMC Connect, a weekly newsletter for Epic users. Dr. Messier leads committees on clinical decision support, ambulatory physicians, and Physician Quality Partners (PQP) Quality. She attended the NHRMC Physician Leadership Institute and Physicians in Management training. She has led the NHRMC Physician Group to quality scores that ranked in the top 10 percent nationally. Dr. Messier will manage PQP, clinical resources, medical information and clinical informatics.

Laurie Whalin, VP, Clinical Support Services: Whalin joined NHRMC in 2009, became pharmacy clinical manager in 2010 and was promoted to director of pharmacy in 2014. She received the NHRMC Leader of Excellence Award in 2013. She helped guide the redesign of a more efficient and organized pharmacy department and is working on growth initiatives in the outpatient pharmacy. Whalin has written numerous papers and posters on pharmacological topics and represents NHRMC through her volunteer activities. In her new role, Whalin will oversee pharmacy, laboratory services, imaging services, and health and diagnostics.