New Hanover Regional Medical Center Offers Advanced Surgical System for Spinal Disorders

January 20, 2015

WILMINGTON – Patients needing surgery to treat spinal disorders now have access to a new technology at New Hanover Regional Medical Center that can offer additional precision for spine procedures. This new robotics-assisted surgical system helps guide the surgeon’s tools and implants in both open and minimally invasive surgery to help achieve even greater accuracy during surgery. New Hanover Regional Medical Center is the first hospital in North Carolina to offer the Mazor Robotics Renaissance system.

Using the Mazor Robotics Renaissance system and a CT image of the patient’s spine, physicians can create a customized, step-by-step 3D simulation of the ideal surgery, planning the angle and location of each incision and implanted device before ever entering the operating room. During surgery, Renaissance tools then act as a navigation system to guide the surgeon’s hand and tools to the precise pre-planned location, thus helping to increase the precision of the surgery.

Adam P. Brown, MD, is a neurosurgeon at New Hanover Regional Medical Center and was the first to use the Mazor Robotics system.

“Since we started using this new system at NHRMC, I have been very pleased with our results and accuracy thus far,” said Brown.

“This technology allows me to create a detailed blueprint of how I want to perform the surgery ahead of time, then I am able to use the blueprint to perform the surgery with the exact specifications I created. The meticulous planning I do ahead of time translates to an even more precise surgery for my patients.”

With this robotics-assisted surgical guidance system, spinal procedures can be performed with increased accuracy and reduced neurologic risks. Another benefit to patients is that this system can reduce the use of fluoroscopy, a continuous X-ray used to see inside the body during medical procedures.

The following surgeons currently perform robotics-assisted spine surgery at NHRMC:

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