NHRMC MyChart: Bringing Health Information Together for Patients and Providers

October 02, 2014

NHRMC and NHRMC Physician Group patients benefit from shared electronic medical record and NHRMC MyChart

Most people go to multiple doctors, diagnostic and treatment locations for different types of medical care. NHRMC’s electronic medical record system is helping ensure the information from those different locations is accessible to both our providers and patients.

The Epic electronic medical record system implemented at New Hanover Regional Medical Center in 2012 provides a platform for securely sharing medical records among providers. Physician offices and urgent care centers that are a part of NHRMC Physician Group have also installed Epic. Through it, NHRMC Physician Group providers can monitor the health of their patients like never before.

“If one of my patients goes to the NHRMC emergency room, I get notified immediately,” explains Amy Messier, MD, a family medicine physician with New Hanover Medical Group –NHRMC Physician Group. “Then, if he or she gets admitted to the hospital, I get another notification. I know exactly what is happening with my patients in real time.”

Dr. Messier can also seamlessly collaborate with and refer to specialists in the group through Epic.“Follow-ups used to be challenging,” she said. “But now, we can follow each patient, so we don’t have to spend time requesting results. All the information, whether it’s from the hospital or the patient’s cardiologist, is right where it’s needed.”

This is also good for the patient, who can go to a NHRMC Urgent Care Center or Emergency Department and know that their recent medical history is available to the providers who are making important decisions about their diagnosis and care. With the addition of Pender Memorial Hospital to Epic in 2015 the continuity of care between facilities will be broadened even more.

Patient Access Through NHRMC MyChart

NHRMC MyChart also makes it easier for NHRMC patients to find their own information online. Through the NHRMC MyChart website patients can access most lab results, appointment details and prescription lists. When you choose medical care through New Hanover Regional Medical Center, NHRMC Physician Group, and NHRMC Urgent Care locations, your information is available through NHRMC MyChart.

“MyChart makes it easy for patients to find information about their medical care. That access helps them become more engaged in their treatment,” said Dr. Messier. “Patients can ask questions through NHRMC MyChart at any time. I routinely field questions from MyChart that otherwise might have waited for an appointment, which saves the patient extra time and frustration.

NHRMC Physician Group and NHRMC MyChart makes healthcare delivery in our community so much more efficient, for both doctors and for their patients.”