National Hospital Week May 11-17

May 09, 2014

To all our partner physicians,

With the week of May 11-17 recognized as National Hospital Week, please join me as I congratulate, on behalf of our Board of Trustees and senior leadership, our wonderful hospital staff and salute them for the work they do on behalf of our patients every day.

Very few outside of health care understand how challenging the past 12 months have been. The rising cost of health care, combined with caring for sicker patients, reductions in government funding and the market's unwillingness to meet those rising costs, have created the most daunting times any of us can remember. In short, we are being asked to do more for less money – and at a higher quality.

As physicians, you partnered with our staff to respond to these challenges with perhaps the greatest year in our hospital's history. Our quality metrics were excellent and often among our industry's leaders - another way of saying patients received the right care, the most efficient care and the safest care. This enabled them to live longer, with better life quality, and with less reason to return for more care. This is the very core of what we do. In a year in which we were judged, and even paid, based on how well we care for patients, our physicians and staff excelled.

At the same time, patient satisfaction remained strong, and, because of everyone’s professionalism in serving a large volume of patients, we enjoyed one of the strongest financial years in memory. While most of our peer hospitals have reduced jobs and payment programs, we are poised to meet future challenges without those options.

I was plenty aware of the quality and compassion of physicians and staff before late January, but the work before, during and after the winter storms - and the attitude with which it was performed - reinforced for the community what I already knew. Those days may have been the finest moment of our finest year together. I am thankful every day for the care you as physicians and our staff provide together for our patients. And though the challenge is even greater this coming year, I know we'll all be equally proud 12 months from now.