New Hanover Regional Medical Center Introduces Code Stroke

April 18, 2011

The NHRMC Stroke Initiative Steering Committee is launching Code Stroke on April 18. Starting at 7am, Emergency Department physicians will call a Code Stroke when patients, either in the ED or with EMS on the way to the ED, meet specific stroke criteria. At that point a stroke team will assemble and follow treatment pathways for the rapid and appropriate treatment of stroke patients. The immediate stroke team includes paramedics, Emergency Department nurses and physicians, CT technologists, radiologists, neurologists, hospitalists, pharmacists, and the Code Stroke response nurses.

The goal is to improve stroke patient care throughout the continuum by having a predetermined set of protocols and pathways that can be rapidly accessed and implemented to reduce time to evaluation and treatment. The new Code Stroke packet includes new ordersets, including three supplements to the adult admission ordersets (for post-TPA patients, non-TPA and TIA patients, and for ICH). There is also a new dysphagia screen, Code Stroke protocol, TPA orderset, patient education forms, and nursing pathways. The forms are now all available on Capslive under physician documents in a new folder called "stroke".

If a patient outside the Emergency Department presents with acute stroke symptoms, a Rapid Response should be called.

The Code Stroke program was developed by the NHRMC stroke initiative team with representatives from multiple disciplines and the program’s medical director and stroke neurologist, Dr. Kate Wiese.

For more information, contact Claire Corbett, AMI and Stroke Program Manager, at 343.7323 or [email protected].