Foam pad reduces discomfort of mammogram for NHRMC patients

July 16, 2007
Medical experts recommend that women age 40 and above receive annual screening mammograms. Yet many women don’t get one because of fear of discomfort or pain.

New Hanover Regional Medical Center is addressing that issue by using the MammoPad. This soft foam cushion has been found to help with the discomfort many women experience during mammography.

A patient who is anxious about her mammogram may find it more difficult to relax her muscles during the exam. This makes it harder for the technologist to properly position the breast and achieve adequate compression.

The single-use pad, which has been approved by the FDA, is placed on the surface of the image detector, providing a softer, warmer surface between the woman and the mammography machine. This allows women who are anxious about the exam to relax while enabling technologists to get the best possible image.

Made of radiolucent material, the cushion does not interfere with image quality and serves to hold the breast tissue in place ensuring optimal breast positioning.

“We provide the MammoPad for all patients receiving screening mammography,” said Barbara Hyatt, NHRMC’s Mammography Services manager. “Patient satisfaction, including concern for comfort is, as always, a primary focus. Our patients remain more comfortable while we are able to provide very good care and obtain higher quality images.”

Screening mammograms are offered at the Medical Mall on 17th Street and the Forum Diagnostic Center on Military Cutoff Road.
Patients requesting a mammogram may conveniently schedule their exam at either site by dialing one phone number 452.8777. A referral from your health care provider is required.