NHRMC installs 64-slice CT scanner offering higher image quality, shorter scan time

December 01, 2006
Patients needing computed tomography, or CT scans, in Southeastern North Carolina now have the option of the most advanced imaging technology available through a 64-slice CT scanner newly opened at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. The 64-slice CT is currently the only one available in Southeastern North Carolina, offering more detailed images in less time than the standard CT scan. “The resolution is the best on the market,” said Lead CT Technologist Paul Gallagher. A patient undergoing a routine abdomen scan will typically have some 80 images produced of the scanned area, in 4-millimeter slices, much like a loaf of bread is sliced. With the 64-slice scanner, that same scan will produce 2,000 images in slices similar to a loaf of bread, but each only one millimeter thick, or about the same thickness as a pencil lead. “The new one can take 64 slices per second,” said Gallagher. “The slices are thinner and we can take twice as much information per second.” Greater numbers of thinner images means those images may be reprocessed into 3-D models that can be viewed from many different angles; much like MRI has been able to do for years. This will allow for more rapid assessment of certain types of problems, such as trauma and vascular disease. “Because it has more receptors to interpret the data, it’s able to gather more information in less time,” said Bobbie Burn, NHRMC’s radiology manager. For patients, this means not only better image quality with more detailed information for the doctor to read, but it also means a faster, more comfortable scan that requires patients hold their breath for only five seconds instead of the usual 20.Ask your physician to schedule your next CT scan within the New Hanover Regional system by calling Central Scheduling at 910.452.8777.