Mission Ready

The desire to cure and comfort those who are sick drives all of those who choose a career in health care.  It's part of who we are.  And while we care daily for our neighbors in our community, we're not immune to the suffering in other parts of the world - where the medical expertise, equipment and resources we take for granted are compromised or nearly non-existent.

Inspired by the nurses, clinical staff and physicians who regularly travel around the world to help those who desperately need their skill, New Hanover Regional Medical Center started New Hanover Regional Medical Center Mission Ready.  Through this program, the hospital collects and inventories supplies that can't be used in the United States, because they have passed the manufacturer's expiration date or were part of a package that was opened, but never used.  Clean and far superior to what's available in developing countries; these supplies would be thrown away here, but could save a life elsewhere. 

How it Works

New Hanover Regional Medical Center stores and inventories Mission Ready supplies in a secure warehouse area.  When large quantities are collected, they are boxed and palletized so they are ready to be shipped to countries with medical facilities in need.

Materials are available to individuals associated with qualified charitable 501c.3 organizations in the following ways.

  1. Schedule a time to come to the warehouse and see what's on the shelves. Take what's needed at that time or develop a list of desired items that will be filled later.
  2. Use one of Mission Ready's sample lists of items commonly used on short-term medical trips.
  3. Access the online inventory system
    Username: mready; password: mready. 
    On the opening screen, click on the supplies symbol, and on the next screen, click on the refresh tab on the left, just above the 'supplies' symbol.  This will open the page with the complete inventory list.

Please contact Mark Bennett at (910).343.2883 or email Mark.Bennett@nhrmc.org for login information. Contact Ted Winneberger at Twinneberg@aol.com with additional questions.

Shipping costs and coordination are the responsibility of the receiving organization, however Mission Ready can provide useful information for facilitating the process.

Please click here for a flier with additional information.

Community Involvement

New Hanover Regional Medical Center appreciates all those who have helped make Mission Ready possible.  Support for NHRMC Mission Ready has come through the New Hanover Regional Medical Center Foundation.