Faith Health Network

Getting Started

To find out how to access services for your congregation, or for more information about serving as a health promoter or Faith Community Nurse, please fill out the interest form.


For many, religion, spiritual practice and faith play a significant role in the relationships they build and how they seek guidance about important decisions – including those about health.

A Faith Health Network is a collaborative network that brings together healthcare providers and trained volunteers from faith communities in an effort to help create more opportunities for better health.

How It Works

Goals of Faith Health Networks include: 

  • Offering health information and resources
  • Working to reduce the impact of toxic stress
  • Helping eliminate the stigma around mental health
  • Teaching disease self-management to improve health outcomes for conditions such as diabetes and hypertension
  • Helping patients navigate access to care

How to Serve


NHRMC wants to partner with our faith communities to help reach our community. We are looking for people interested in serving in these roles: 

Health Promoters

Serving as the "healthcare connection" between their congregation and services within the community, health promoters receive training to help provide information about health care, monitor those who are chronically ill and encourage healthy lifestyles.  

You do not need medical training or background to be a health promoter. If you are a natural helper and are respected by your fellow members of your congregation, being a health promoter may be a calling for you.

Being a health promoter requires a time commitment of about two hours a week. If you are interested in serving as a health promoter, you can receive training to:

  • Support patients
  • Promote prevention
  • Guide patients to NHRMC resources
  • Host educational events

Faith Community Nurse

Faith community nurses, or parish nurses, care for people within a faith community and focus on healing the body, mind, and spirit. Becoming a faith community nurse is a ministry requiring a commitment to serve others in a non-traditional practice setting.

Registered nurses interested in beginning a ministry in a faith-based community will take a fundamentals class to begin to work within their faith community.


For immediate resources, visit Our Community Link.