Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Update Your Information

Use remote access to log in to Infor Global HR (available through CapsLive) and review and/or change your benefits information.

Remote Access

Because your mental well-being is as important as your physical well-being, we contract with an Employee Assistance Program, or EAP provider. LifeServices EAP offers confidential, personal counseling and other enhanced employee assistance services. You and your eligible family members can receive up to five counseling sessions per person, per issue, per calendar year at no cost.


If you have a problem that requires long term counseling, LifeServices EAP will work with our health care provider to secure the services of a mental health professional or assist with locating an appropriate resource. LifeServices EAP will not disclose medical information to any other party, including NHRMC.

Scheduling an Appointment

You may schedule an appointment with local LifeServices EAP counselors immediately for emergencies, or within two working days for nonemergency appointments.

EAP services are available 24/7. You access services through LifeServices EAP's 24-hour toll free line at 800-822-4847 or through www.lifeserviceseap.com.

Member Portal and App

A member portal and mobile app also allows you to easily access 24/7 counseling, support and personalized content from any device, anytime, anywhere, by phone, text or chat. The member portal also provides access to thousands of resources such as articles, webinars, calculators, videos, assessments, shopping discounts and interactive tools focused on health and wellness, family, aging, education, legal, finances, and more.

  • Visit www.lifeserviceseap.com
  • Click on Member Portal and App at the top right corner of the webpage
  • Enter NHRMC’s company code: LS0166
  • At the top right, in the space that indicates to create a new account with your company code, enter the code again and set up your own account

Team members will use the company code when creating their account for the first time. Once the account is created, the code will not be needed.

Once the account has been created team members can access the member portal and mobile app at mylifeexpert.com/login

Click here to view a flyer about the member portal and mobile app.