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Regular, professional dental care is essential to good health, and can also prevent serious and costly medical problems. To help ensure you have a clean, healthy mouth, your dental plan includes preventative, basic, and major dental care through Ameritas Life Insurance offering you the opportunity to participate in a passive Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and a Dental Rewards Program.


You are eligible for dental coverage if you are a 0.4 FTE or greater. Coverage can also include:

  • Your legally married spouse
  • Your dependent children up to age 26 

Dental Plan Rates

2021 Dental Plan Rates Per Pay Period

.8-1.0 FTE .7-.79 FTE .6-.69 FTE .5-.59 FTE .4-.49 FTE COBRA Monthly
EE/Only $6.40 $8.07 $8.61 $9.18 $9.72 $30.58
EE/Child(ren) $15.70 $16.18 $16.65 $17.14 $17.65 $83.48
EE/Spouse $17.62 $19.32 $19.87 $20.43 $21.01 $60.76
Family $33.70 $35.38 $35.93 $36.49 $37.04 $120.57


Preferred Provider Organization  

You are free to seek care from any dentist you choose, but there are real benefits to utilizing a network provider. When visiting a provider associated with the Ameritas network, you have no claims to file, you will never be balance billed and you can generally save money in coinsurance because a provider in the Ameritas network has agreed to contracted fees which are typically lower than the average area charges. To find participating providers in our area, visit

What to do if your dentist does not file claims with Ameritas?

You will pay for the service claim at the time of your visit. Then use the Ameritas Group Dental Claim Form for reimbursement. Mail the claim form and a receipt directly to Ameritas and the company will mail you a check, typically within two weeks.