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Alternate Names: Cryptosporidium / Giardia Antigen Test
Methodology: Qualitative Immunochromatogenic Assay
Performed: 7 days per week
Turnaround Time: Performed as a batch test

All positive results are immediately called to nurse and/or physician in charge of patient and Infection Control practitioner.

Container / Specimen Requirements

    Container / Tube: Stool specimen is to be collected in a clean, leak-proof plastic container. Patient samples collected in an acceptable transport media are the preferred specimens. Standard laboratory practice recommends that freshly collected stool specimens be placed into a transport medium/preservative within 30 minutes, as the rate of parasite deterioration cannot be predicted.
    Minimum Volume: 1 mL
    Maximum Volume: 2.5 mL
Special Handling or Timing of Specimen: Test performed at NHRMC only.
Fresh specimens must be delivered to the laboratory within 30 minutes of collection. Specimens in transport medium must be delivered to the lab within 24 hours.
Preparation of Patient: None
Expected Results: Negative for Cryptospordium / Giardia antigen
Causes for Specimen Rejection:  Improper labeling.
Specimen container must not be contaminated on the outside.
Specimens must be delivered to the laboratory within 30 minutes of collection.
Microbiology Specimen Rejection Policy: Click here for policy
CareManager Test Group:
CareManager Name/Alias:
cryptosporidium/giardia antigen
Specimen Labeling: Click here for policy


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