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Diabetes Health Plan

2013 Diabetes Program Classes

In 2013, NHRMC Diabetes Health Plan participants are required to attend each of the three diabetes education classes listed below:

View the full Diabetes Health Plan class schedule. There is still time to complete this requirement before December 31st, 2013!

The descriptions of the classes and available dates and times are listed below. Choose your class and location, select a date and click register. If the class of your choice does not appear in the drop-down menu, the class has been filled. Please contact our Diabetes Health Plan Administrator, Katherine Bunting, at 910.667.5959 with questions or concerns. You may also call 910.815.5259 for assistance.

 Class 1: Diabetes Overview

In the introductory "Diabetes Overview" class, participants will learn important facts and gain a general understanding of diabetes and its relevance to everyday life. Participants will learn what diabetes is and the differences between Type I, Type II and pre-diabetes. In addition, participants will be introduced to potential complications that may arise (such as hypertension, hypo/hyperglycemia, foot problems, etc.) and how these complications can further impact individual health. This class will also focus on ways to avoid such complications through monitoring techniques and proper use of medications (both oral and injectable). This class is offered at the NHRMC SEAHEC Auditorium and also at the NHRMC Business Center. Use the forms below to register for a class at the location of your choice.

Diabetes Overview Classes at AHEC Classroom D


 Class 2: Diet, Exercise and Fitness 

Having a balanced diet and leading a healthy and active lifestyle can dramatically improve individual well-being and help control diabetes. "Diet, Exercise and Fitness" will help participants understand the importance of clean and proportioned eating, as well as the benefits of regular, moderate exercise. In the first half of class, participants will learn about different food groups and more specifically, how foods affect blood glucose levels. In addition, participants will learn how to use strategies, such as meal planning and reading food labels, to make wiser dietary choices. The second half of class will focus on exercise and its many benefits. Participants will also learn about making safe, realistic and obtainable goals, as well as understanding the importance of monitoring blood sugar before, during and after exercise. Use the form below to register for an upcoming Class 2.

Diet, Exercise and Fitness Classes at New Hanover Regional Medical Center - 17th Street Auditorium

Diet, Exercise and Fitness Classes at New Hanover Regional Medical Center - James Walker Conference Room

Diet, Exercise and Fitness Classes at the NHRMC Business Center

 Class 3: Reducing Risk & Prevention: 

Living with diabetes requires more focused medical care. In class three, "Reducing Risk and Prevention", important health actions to reduce complications from diabetes will be further explained. These health actions include things like sick day management, follow-up visits with a primary care provider or specialist, and checking one’s feet daily. Regular testing and visits to a primary care provider or other health care specialist is vital to living optimally with diabetes. This class will explain how to get the most out of your doctors’ visits and will cover ways to continue goal setting alongside your doctors’ advisement. In addition, participants will learn about self-care behaviors that one can do independently that may greatly improve individual ability to control overall health and prevent future complications. Use the form below to register for an upcoming Class 3.

Reducing Risk & Prevention Classes at the NHRMC Business Center

Reducing Risk & Prevention Classes at the New Hanover Regional Medical Center - AHEC Classroom C

 Accelerated Sessions

Accelerated Session (3 classes in one day)

2131 S. 17th Street, Wilmington, NC 28401  |  910.343.7000