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e-Health Essentials Issues

e-Health Essentials Issues

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  Robotic Surgery

Benefits of Robotic Surgery*Significantly less pain
*Less Blood loss
*Less Scaring
*Shorter recovery time
*A faster return to normal daily activities

Laying a Foundation for Robotics Excellence

At New Hanover Regional Medical Center, bringing the best of medicine home means providing patients the most technically advanced equipment possible.

To continue building on the newfound tradition of robotics excellence, however, we need your financial support. If you are interested in supporting the Robotics Program at New Hanover Regional, please call the NHRMC Foundation at (910) 815-5002.

Want to LEARN MORE about Robotic Surgery?

For more information on NHMRC’s Surgical Pavilion and robotic surgery, please visit:

For a robotics specialist referral, or to see if you may be a robotic surgery candidate, please call Vitaline at
(901) 815-5188.

To speak directly with the office of robotics surgeon Dr. Christian deBeck, MD, please call (910) 341-3389.

For a referral to a gynecological robotics specialist, please call Vitaline at (910) 815-5188.

Advanced Technology and Physician Expertise
Get Redin Back on the Green

If you’d been in on a recent conversation with Bolivia resident and sixty-three-year-old prostate cancer patient Rolf Redin, it’s this exchange that might have startled most:
Rolf Redin
“Did the cancer spread outside the prostate?”

“No, it didn’t, but it was very close – within one or two millimeters from what I understand. They got it just in time.”

Fortunately for Redin, who seven weeks ago had his cancerous prostate surgically removed at New Hanover Regional Medical Center, there was da Vinci, a robotic surgical system allowing surgeons greater visibility and precision when performing complex minimally invasive procedures, thus enhancing patient recovery and outcome.

Named for painter and first-robot-inventor Leonardo da Vinci, the da Vinci surgical system is currently in use at leading hospitals nationwide for a variety of surgical procedures, including those for prostate, kidney and bladder cancer. In addition to prostate surgery, specialists at NHRMC will be using the robot for gynecological surgery. Gynecological surgeons have been trained and are currently consulting patients on their options.

The system consists of a surgeon’s console, a patientside cart with four interactive robotic arms, a threedimensional vision system and various microsurgical instruments.
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Robotic Surgery

NHRMC Surgical Pavilion
Brings Robotic Surgery Home

When NHRMC’s new 186,500-squarefoot, technically advanced Surgical Pavilion opened this summer, it revolutionized surgical care throughout the region.

Now with the recent addition of the da Vinci S model robot, a minimally invasive surgical system allowing surgeons greater precision and enhancing patient outcome, the value of this modern facility has become even more apparent.

To date, thousands of patients have found treatment at the Surgical Pavilion, making it one of the hospital’s most dynamic settings. And because it’s outfitted to ensure seamless connectivity between various technologies, new, innovative, equipment like da Vinci have a home ready and waiting.

NHRMC Surgical PavilionWith 21 operating rooms, 5 dedicated endoscopy rooms and a spacious lobby for waiting family including an electronic patient tracking board, NHRMC’s Surgical Pavilion compassionately renders 21st century surgical care to patients with 21st century needs.

2131 S. 17th Street, Wilmington, NC 28401  |  910.343.7000