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e-Health Essentials Issues

e-Health Essentials Issues

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Expert Physicians

The white lab coat, the stethoscope, the ab-breviations M.D. or D.O. – they’re all things that make a physician on the outside. But at New Hanover Regional Medical Center what makes our physicians are the things on the inside: medical expertise unmatched anywhere in the region; practical know-how built on years of experience and innovation; and an uncompromising commitment to care that puts patients and families first.

Providing expert care for tens of thousands of patients annually – some from as far north as southern Virginia and as far south as northeastern South Carolina – NHRMC’s physician staff is 525 strong and represents 15 different medical specialties, from Cardi- ology, Radiology and Psychiatry to Orthopedics, Pathology and Otolaryngology. For patients both near and far, that means comprehensive, compassionate care you can count on every time.

Medical Expertise

Chapel Hill, Duke, Wake Forest, Mayo, Massachusetts General Hospital – they’re places synonymous with some of the world’s best medical education. They’re also places listed on many of our physician’s resumes, places where they’ve honed their skills in the latest technologies and therapies while completing highly selective residencies and fellowships.


“Our community takes great pride in our medical staff, and rightfully so. Their medical expertise and training, their commitment to patients and, most important, their com- passion make them the very best the medical profession has to offer.”

- Jack Barto, President and CEO
New Hanover Regional Medical Center

“Our physicians train at some of the nation’s top medical schools and institutions,” said Dr. Clarence Wilson II, Chief of NHRMC’s Medical Staff. “They’re the region’s best and brightest. All of their training, all of their experience and all of their medical expertise are brought to bear on every patient entering our facility.”

In the treatment of hospitalized children, for example, highly-trained pediatricians called pediatric hosptialists and pediatric intensivists serve the needs of sick and critically ill children 24/7 at the Betty H. Cameron Women’s and Children’s Hospital. These fellowship and pediatric residency-trained, in-house physicians have advanced pediatric training that makes them among only a handful in the state.

“This kind of medical expertise doesn’t exist everywhere,” said pediatric hospitalist Dr. Joseph Pino, Director of Pediatrics at NHRMC’s Betty H. Cameron Women’s and Children’s Hospital. “Their advanced training, their commitment, their drive to be the very best for the region’s children are what separate them from all others in their field.”

Practical, Innovative Know-How

Whether simple diagnostic tests at the bedside or advanced, minimally invasive surgical procedures that incorporate some of medicine’s most sophisticated technology, the clinical acumen, skill and innovation of our physicians and surgeons is unsurpassed in the region.

For patients with small, isolated tumors primarily in the lungs, kidneys or liver, interventional radiologists at NHRMC now use an alternative surgical procedure called radiofrequency ablation, or RFA (RFA Medical Minute Video). The process involves a radiofrequency generator with a needle electrode that heats tumors to very high temperatures, destroying them. The needle is inserted directly through the skin, guided by CT scan or ultrasound, with the patient under general or local anesthesia.


Meanwhile, in the NHRMC Heart Center, which has been named a Cardiac Center of Excellence by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NC, highly specialized cardiologists called cardiac electrophysiologists help extend the lives of sudden cardiac arrest patients by surgically implanting what’s known as an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator, or ICD. This small, pager-size device is implanted below the collarbone and uses electrical energy to correct irregular heart rhythms, staving off cardiac arrest.

“The range of innovative procedures and therapies our physicians and surgeons provide our patients is impressive,” said Dr. Sam Spicer, NHRMC’s Vice President of Medical Affairs. “These healing practices, performed every day at NHRMC, are a direct reflection of the high caliber, compassionate medical staff at our hospital.”

Uncompromising Care

There’s the old adage that They may not remember what you said, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel. And while our physicians at NHRMC certainly hope you listen to their expert medical opinions, they also strive for the caring, compassionate delivery of healthcare information that makes patients and their families feel more than just the disease or injury itself.

At NHRMC, that means spending time with patients and their families explaining the nature of their illness or injury and the prescribed treatment. It means encouraging patients and their families to become active participants and partners in the healing process. It can also mean the between-appointments phone call just to check in.

“Physicians at NHRMC put their patients’ care first,” said Virginia Barkman, Director of NHRMC’s Medical Staff Office. “Quality care is a commitment they make not only to their private practice patients, but to our community. The result is uncompromising care.”


Supporting the medical expertise, innovation and compassionate care...

of physicians at NHRMC are two facilities that both had grand openings last year – the new Surgical Pavilion and the Betty H. Cameron Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

At 186,500 square feet, the Surgical Pavilion – situated behind New Hanover Regional Medical Center with ample free parking nearby – consists of 26 operating rooms, more than 600- square-feet each. The building’s exterior includes an extended roof line that protects patients and guests during inclement weather.

Geometrically bold and partly glass-clad, the 150-bed Betty H. Cameron Women’s and Children’s Hospital at New Hanover Regional Medical Center is home to expert physicians and a complete continuum of care for women and children in a family-centered environment.




2131 S. 17th Street, Wilmington, NC 28401  |  910.343.7000