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Neonatal Family Advisory Council

Neonatal Family Advisory Council

The Betty H. Cameron Women's and Children's Hospital's Neonatal Family Advisory Council was formed in 2010 as a partnership between Neonatal Intensive Care Unit families and staff. Our Council empowers and encourages families to voice their needs and preferences and to play a central role in the care plan of their child. Our Council is dedicated to improving family-centered care through education and resources and by serving as another link between families and hospital staff. We are dedicated to a family-driven council, in which families have a direct impact on programs and policies that affect patient and family care.

Offering ongoing support

In addition to serving as the voice for families, our council strives to provide emotional and social support to families with babies in the NICU during this time when a strong support system is critical. Our council is dedicated to easing the stress for families by providing supportive activities and also by promoting communication between families and staff so family needs and preferences are understood. To "normalize" the NICU experience (as much as possible), we focus on projects to encourage the bond between baby and family, and between families and their "neighbors" in the unit.

We meet monthly to discuss goals for policy improvement and family care projects. Look at our monthly events calendar for current projects.

The council is constantly seeking suggestions for family-centered projects and policies from its members. Our philosophy is that no one can better understand how to support or improve the lives of families going through the experience of having their infant in the NICU than someone who has been there themselves.

We invite you to look through our pages and learn more about our mission, values and guiding principles.

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