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For Employees

Employee Health and Clinic

NHRMC’s Employee Health and Clinic gives employees a convenient and affordable way to get medical care for routine illnesses and injuries. The clinic also provides ongoing support and counseling to help prevent and manage chronic conditions.

Using the Employee Health and Clinic

The clinic is open exclusively to all NHRMC and NHRMC Physician Group employees regardless of whether they are covered under NHRMC’s health insurance plans. Visits to the clinic will cost you just $10 through payroll deduction, rather than the $25 or $35 co-pay you would have at a doctor's office or urgent care.

Hours of Operation

Employee Health & Clinic Changes Hours to Better Match Need for Services  

Employee Health and Clinic will be changing its hours of operation to Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. starting October 1.  The shift in schedule was the result of a Lean analysis that tracked when employees needed clinic service and how long they had to wait.  The process revealed that there was more demand earlier in the day and very little after 6 p.m.   

"By shifting staff to the earlier hours we'll be able to reduce wait times throughout the day," said Jerry Burleson, Manager of Employee Health.  "That will help ensure that our customers receive the highest quality care at times that are convenient for them."

The Employee Health and Clinic offers extended hours on Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and is located just around the corner from the Employee Pharmacy in NHRMC. 

You can either walk in or schedule an appointment by calling 910.667.7445 to schedule an appointment.  If there is a wait time more than 15 minutes, a pager will be available for the Employee Health and Clinic staff to page you to come down to be seen without waiting.

Disease Prevention and Management

Maintaining the health and wellness of our employees is important to NHRMC. The Employee Health and Clinic offers a disease prevention and management program to help newly diagnosed and existing diabetics manage their diabetes.

Working in conjunction with the Employee Pharmacy and the Wellness Nurtritionist, Employee Health and Clinic provides resources for diabetics including medication management, counseling and education about their condition.

Nutritional Counseling

Because a key factor in overall health and wellness is keeping a healthy diet and lifestyle, Wellness Nutritionist Becky Maynard is available to help employees with nutritional needs.

Becky offers weekly classes held at the Employee Fitness Center on a number of nutritional concerns and topics. Becky is also available to offer individual counseling at no extra cost to NHRMC employees.

2131 S. 17th Street, Wilmington, NC 28401  |  910.343.7000